SPEAR have abandoned Deciat. Watch yourselves out there CMDRs.

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I'm gonna have to hit that up sometime.
I always wanted to go in the past as it sounded quite cool with crazy stuff like sneak peeks from FD. But then I thought: how would I survive mentally surrounded by explorers? Naturally all 199 of them would be made out of paper in a fight so I'd be safe, but I'd just love to go and be that voice saying Powerplay and PvP, and watching the room fall silent as they see this:

As a open only trader (yes, not been in for months but planning a return soon tm), I reckon I can outdrink, outfight and out.. run? Yes out run any of the lily liveried explorer saps that attend lavecon.

Yes, I have drunk nearly a whole bottle of wine, and yes your first drink in on me Phisto.

Top shelf for you Rubbernuke.

<staggers off singing to self>
Slow claps at SPEAR

Good job guys. You're 22,000ly away in your carriers in a region that has no tritium for sale and you just chased someone with player killing tendancies from Colonia to Deciat.

Really helped the new players there.

Well! That was unexpected, indeed!

Had some fun with SPEAR today. Lasted for quite a while dodging between their... what was it... eight or more pilots? They got me though. Fair play to them. Good game and all that.

There was some conversation after where it's clear they're not going to leave Colonia until I've suffered as many rebuys as I've inflicted. For the record, that's a lot. So, I'm back in the Bubble now.

What? You thought I'd make it easy? Nah.

So what's been going on in Deciat lately?
I also suspect I have taken this thread on more tangents than a driving route plotted by the average backseat driver...? (Was originally going to say lady)
I would have just suggested my Sat-Nav - took me off a dual carriageway onto a single track, very bendy, road for 2 miles as the single track road was derestricted and the DC has a 50 MPH limit for a mile...
sounds like said player rage quit.
You are funny, but after today I understand what the Code and others have said about you lot much better. I never ran into gankers like that, not even at the CGs there only red squares and triangles were around.
Fix the scars you left in Colonia before leaving, engineering being the main one!

We don't have sidewinders at the rock, only eagles.:rolleyes: It's called suicideEagle in this part of the nebula.

Oh, and Orca best ship

Imagine with me for a minute.

Imagine being so butt hurt by words on a digital screen on the internet that you fly your main force 22kly to gank the man who said those mean words.

Now, imagine being outsmarted by a Cylon taxi back to the bubble after having flown out all that way.

Now imagine what will happen after they (continue to) fail at protecting Deciat from gankers, their self declared mission in life, all because they wanted to play grab a$s across the galaxy because of mean words.

Imagine being such a joke of a faction.
Can't hunt a ganker, can't protect a single star system from gankers.
Why bother?
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