Spearhead Charter Looking for New Recruits (Thargoid Hunting, BGS)

Spearhead Charter

The galaxy is in turmoil; the Thargoids are an ever looming threat, and still internal conflicts and political struggles occur within the borders of human space. Commissioned by the Council of Admirals under the leadership of Commodore Jakken Eardley, Spearhead Charter carries out his claim as High Lord of the systems once under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Vestige. From this point, we muster the strength to defend Humanity from alien attacks. Spearhead Charter stands to work with our allies to resolve the Thargoid situation, with the hopes to avoid unnecessary violence, protect as many human lives as possible, and if a war is truly inevitable, defeat the alien aggressors.

Spearhead Charter is loyal to the Alliance. We are a friendly group of players aiming to enjoy the game as a group. Our main focuses are on combat (both regular and anti-Thargoid) and BGS manipulation. Our in-game minor faction, Spearhead Charter, operates from our home system Manktas. We are actively involved in its expansion and control, with operations constantly running to this end. This provides a good way for members to get involved, dipping in and out of BGS work as they choose.

A good opportunity for anyone on PC wishing to meet some friendly players, participate in establishing a new in-game minor faction, and take part in Thargoid combat.

Lords of the Vestige

To compliment the lore of Spearhead Charter, appointing 'Lords of the Vestige' is our manner of maintaining systems that fall under our control. The Vestige contains many highly populated Control systems, each with a close group of smaller Vassal systems around them forming a Jurisdiction. As we retake these systems, we hold votes within the group for who will become the Lord of the Jurisdiction. This person is responsible for tracking Spearhead Charter's position in the system, and reporting anything of note to Spearhead Command.

Knights are chosen by a Lord for acts of valour; an impressive action within their Jurisdiction, particular dedication to the conquest of a system, etc. The Lord nominating the individual for the knighthood names the system (a Vassal system within their Jurisdiction) which they are to become the castellan for, requests permission to knight the individual from the High Lord of the Vestige, and if this is granted proceeds to anoint the new Knight. A title for the Knight is discussed and granted. The Knight then holds the responsibility of recording the lore of their system, and tracking its status.

How to Join:

  • Create an INARA account and request to join
  • Wait to be accepted
  • Join the Discord server - the link to join will appear at the bottom of the overview page once your request has been approved

Commodore Jakken Eardley, High Lord of the Vestige
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