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Spearhead Charter

Since the dawn of humanity there has always been turmoil.
Today, it all plays out on this broad galactic stage as internal conflicts and political struggles occurring within the borders of human space. We, the pilots of Spearhead Charter, seek to settle our rightful part of it...a region known as the Vestige, chartered by the Alliance for stewardship by House Eardley.
We work with our allies and stand to resolve any threat or active incursion. We seek an end to the reign of those seeking to return the Vestige to a criminal haven, rampant with slavery and corruption, exploited by dictators after power for the sake of power.

Spearhead Charter is loyal to the Alliance, and shares many of it's beliefs, such as individual freedom and personal responsibility, though our faction has its roots in the remnants of an ancient martial society drawing influence from some Imperial traditions.

We are a friendly group of players aiming to enjoy the game as a group, with focuses on combat (both regular and anti-Thargoid), BGS manipulation, and PowerPlay. A good opportunity for anyone wishing to join a squadron, meet some friendly players, participate in expanding a fairly established in-game minor faction. Players of any skill level are welcome and we are always happy to help out newer players.

Our in-game squadron, Spearhead Charter Royal Guard, operates from our home system Manktas. We are actively involved in regional BGS activities, with operations constantly running. This provides a good way for members to get involved, dipping in and out of BGS work as they choose, with standing orders regularly updated to keep our members informed of the current situation.

The Vestige is the stage of an ever expanding story, with articles written by reporters of our news outlet, The Vestige Herald. We are looking to take on more writers, and always welcome contributions to our ever expanding story. More can be read about our lore on our Inara site.

Joining Spearhead Charter:

Create an INARA account and request to join.
Wait to be accepted.
Join the Discord server.
Request to join the in-game Squadron "Spearhead Charter Royal Guard (SCRG)"
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