General Gameplay Special Missions

One thing that hit me with some of the speculation towards the Sanctuary DLC that's coming was an idea that could work for some fun mission additions. Basically, having extra objectives mixed into it that go another direction than the normal park work.

Essentially, mimicking some of the missions from OpGen, though having them work differently, though, perhaps tied to your park or just have them be something like the challenges...possibly even randomly pop them into the game with a new skin as a reward for completing it.

But it would be things like loading into a map where a park has gone to hell with dinosaurs loose and your mission is to restore order with a time score and/or a casualty maximum to lose it. You start out in the jeep, you need to restore power and repair certain things, then drive to the ACU and start chasing down rampaging dinosaurs.

Perhaps expanding things with capabilities through it, and taking scenes from the books and movies, for example the roundup scene from TLW having something based on it where you get a ranger jeep modified with the trank darts and need to chase the dinosaurs down where they have point values based on their ratings that you get by taking them down in a time limit.

Now, if these could also be tied into the islands, well, perhaps some of the dinosaurs would have "impossible" genetics that would only be possible in sandbox because of to many shifts that mean they'd never be viable in the creation lab, but could be found in some of the special missions that might occasionally pop up. If you take the mission and complete it, you might get one of the special dinosaurs set to be delivered to your park, which creates an interesting choice of going for a high score on the mission and getting something that way (like special skins for dinosaurs or vehicles) or focus on the dinosaurs you want in your park.

And if you get the special mission randomly, you might need to rush to get a working pen for your new star attraction...
I'd really like more missions to find room for a new dinosaur - randomized would work well.

Also the idea of maps to drop into, time challenges to regain control, that sounds really cool.
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