SpecialEffect community park!

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hey hey coaster friends!

It’s that time of year again! The season of giving is upon us and we were hoping you’d be so kind as to give us some of your time!

Please help us create a Planet Coaster SpecialEffect park that is worthy of being shown during our 24hr livestream!

We are looking to create a Workshop Wonderland of sorts, using your fantastic creations, all themed around SpecialEffect and the incredible work they do for people.

We want you to share your designs for:
  • Rides
  • Shops
  • Scenery
  • Thememaker's Toolkit items

No detail is too small! Even the names of items will have an impact! Any intricate designs will require a tutorial, so we know how to place it in the park and show it in the way you created it! The tutorial can be in-game, using in-game signs and text or on the Steam Workshop! Please upload your blueprints to the Steam Workshop and email the link to community@frontier.co.uk with the subject line ‘For SpecialEffect’!

Our livestream, which is in aid of SpecialEffect will be streamed from 12PM UTC 17 December until 12PM UTC 18 December. We will be showing this SpecialEffect park during a dedicated segment, which will highlight how creative the Planet Coaster community is.

We will then be showing the park again on 19 December during a daytime YouTube stream!

Let's build the best park ever for a worthy cause!

- Chanté [happy][heart]


Volunteer Moderator
How is everyone doing with their creations for the SpecialEffect park?

Feel free to post screenshots of your creations here in this thread, so that we can get a sneak peek of what's coming for the livestream!

Be sure to send in your creations, both small shops and scenery and bigger things like coasters and ride skins, to be featured. [happy] [up]
I’m building a ride skin for the Monte Leone ��. Since I only have time to build after work I hope I finish in time. When is the Deadline to send it in?
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