Speech to text or something like that?

Does anyone use something like this. Or does anyone have any suggestions?

For the most part, I can bind everything I need to the HOTAS. However, when it comes to typing chat its very awkward - I suck at touch typing.

I suppose I could git gud at touch typing.....but still......

Ps. Sorry if its come up somewhere else.
I don't know why people don't use voice.

I use touch typing. I grope around until I find the keyboard and feel those two notches on my index fingers.

You should learn touch typing. Just find some online typing games. It will take you a few days of typing to be decent enough for chat. It's a useful skill in life so that's a double benefit.
You might have a look at Voice Attack. It can do dictation, but can be a little quirky.

As BlackSpaceCowboy said, learning to touch-type will serve you much better in the long run.
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