Community Event / Creation Speedbowl IV - New Grounds - 21/22 November 3306 - Hypersonic gravity assisted racing is back!

Serves me right for trusting a strange fleet carrier. By now with FC's somebody MUST have gone to sleep in the bubble and woken up completely unexpectedly at Colonia, Sag A* or Beagle point. Has anyone seen any stories of anything like that?
Just in the interest of avoiding confusion, I have my carrier "Emilys Quest" parked in orbit. I have no direct plans for it to move anywhere for the duration of Speedbowl, I will however move it to an adjoining system if it will help. Please let me know.
Weekly update

This week, we bring you a short update on the logistics of the even. Currently, there are two shuttles planned, overlapping so there is always a carrier stationed in the system.
The TFCS Warspite will depart from Hajangai out to the race on Sunday 8th November at 2200 UTC, and stay on location until the race is finished.
The Lithobrake, currently on station, will head back to 61 Virginis on Friday 13th November and return on Monday 16th.

Both carriers offer full outfitting and shipyard services, allowing pilots to transfer in ships and modules as they wish. Please note that there is no shop available!

Nola Prime updated the trusty SpeedBot, who will once more process all submissions and answer basic questions. The bot is ready to go and just awaiting the signal.

In an addition to the FAQ on the forums, one of the most asked questions so far was "Can I use Enhanced Performance Thrusters?" - and the answer is a resounding "YES!".

And new on the training scene is CMDR B Smitty, who posted his first training run with an eyewatering 3643 m/s on target. This one is going to be a podium contender for sure!


And let's not forget Cmdr Andee-X- and his little gem of a Speedbowl training session gone wrong, linked above. This was also featured on the latest Supercruise News with Stephen and Bruce - let's all give them a little ping so we might once more get community prize packs!


I must say this is quite a system you're holding the event in this year. An O-type main, two black holes and a neutron? Wow.

Enjoying "The View" ...

And not a bad view from the Lithobrake either!

Not so happy about this tourist installation tho ..

I'm not sure it's good for one's genitals to linger too long in this location!

And it really can't be good for these crops either!

Tranqulity? Hmmm, not quite sure that's what I'd call it - with all that deadly flickering neutron light I'd have thought Agitation might be a better name for this place.

Weekly update

BBRC member and almost-but-not-quite-winner of the 8-wheel championship, @Alec Turner arrived and showcased the beauty of the event location system:

On the matter of which ship to take - the all-time top ten are dominated by Vipers, but for newcomers, a ship like the Hauler or Adder might be easier.

There's also a run for the fastest large-sized ship, with @Azzbo27 having tested his Corvette to 3512 m/s successfully.

In a newly founded category, if you intend to run a completely E rated Sidewinder there's a special ranking in the SIDE-E class.

The event organizers want to remind everyone that the Lithobrake will depart HR 6164 on Friday 13th, heading to 61 Virginis to pick up any participants who are in need of a lift. The return trip to The View starts on Monday 16th 1900 UTC.

And special thanks to Phoebia, who provided the brilliant Speedbowl Speed Calculator at - calculating that the top speed achievable during this event will be 3671 m/s!

Let's see if that is indeed the limit!

The Lithobrake is now in orbit around 61 Virginis 2, ready for departure to The View on Monday 16th, 2000 UTC.

In other notes, Azzbo27 has already racked up over 55 million credits in rebuy just for training.
Does the SIDE-E class allow dropping the weapons and engineering, or does it have to be entirely stock?

All these classes are rather unofficial - my opinion is, as long as everything is rated E, it's okay. Not like it makes any significant difference anyway. It's mostly to keep the rebuy as cheap as possible. ;)
And another addition to the FAQ:

Q: Are 10 minutes the time limit for a run? What if I take longer?​
A: 10 minutes are just an estimate of how long it will take you, so you can plan your runs. It is not a limit.​
And yet another addition to the FAQ:

Q: What happens when two racers have the same speed?​
A: Outside of the top ten, they will be awarded a joint place. Inside the top ten, the tiebreaker will be altitude (the lower the better), then distance to the signal (the closer the better), then time submitted (the earlier the better). If you're still tied after all that, I'll just accuse you of premeditation and being difficult on purpose.​
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