Spiky additions to Ships

After much deliberation, I've finally decided not to buy one of these awesome-looking packs.

Talking of industrial... I'm going to hold out for the "Industrial" ship pack for the Python (and/or maybe the T6/T7/T9): I love the Asp "Riot Cage", I just don't want to look like some backwater redneck welder has just cleared out his garage.

I can see how that would appeal to naughty folk who want to have an intimidating vessel for doing naughty things, so I'm glad they're there... but it just that's not the way I'm RPing my ED pilot.

I want a JCB-inspired ship pack for my Python miner/trader with roll-cage, extra pipes, space "fenders", hazard chevrons and some used-but-practical-looking vents / fuel streaks / blueing.

Until then, I'll just settle for the Pulse paintjob for my Fightin' Python!
My Gods! Reavers! RUN!!

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On an aside though, it'd be nice to have a few Chris Foss inspired paint packs- the big bold stripes and chequers of his signature ship designs.

Give the ships a retro sci-fi book cover kind of vibe.
No! I conpletely missed them- but then I've only really looked at the paint jobs for the ships I've flown for the most part (yes- yes, I know- commenting from a limited perspective!! :D).

They're nice! Would like the opportunity of something like that for my Python too. Just for the sheer lairiness of it! :D (though the tactical packs are my current favourite)
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