(Spooky Scary) Skeleton Pipe Organ

A pretty simple addition (then again it's my first upload to the workshop) but it certainly makes for spooky scenery!

"Fear not, mortals. Our mischievous skeleton here has crawled out of his grave at your local cemetery only to entertain guests at his ancient pipe organ. With added music and coloured lighting, this spooky set piece is perfect path-side entertainment for spooky themes and Halloween festivities alike."


Interestingly, this is actually a duplicate of an animated scene I added into the station for one of my coasters today, it made great for a themed stage set however so I was quick to adapt it into a placeable item:

All in all this was a little bit experimental so it might look a bit messy, however it's on the workshop if anyone needs some path-side entertainment ;)
While I'm currently occupied with other projects, I felt I needed to shed some light on this, as admittedly I've been pretty embarrassed by it for quite a while.

Even if this was technically borrowed from one of my attractions, for an animated stage set, this was still very rushed. And honestly my level of detail is normally a lot better than this, so having been cringing at the sight of a rectangular 2D wall for a backdrop long enough, I found the time to add in some small details which I had actually considered in the beginning.

So, long story short, within only 15 minutes, I went from this...

...to this. :)

Bam. Minor changes...major difference. If only I'd thought of it sooner, eh? It's been updated on the workshop as well, so that's taken care of.

So yeah, bit of a random plug, but I'd never intend my builds to look like they'd run out of money.
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