They are not perfect for every season of the year... except the spider maybe - BUT - they are glowing! So finally you really can SEE the decals ;)
He, I like them, and see their uses through all seasons alright. Except the boring Spider web...

The Bobblehead is the first one I really like, too.
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Nice. I can appreciate the work that went into them, and the bobblehead. The glowing effect on the decals is nice and I reckon that 'claw slash' particularly is pretty cool & useable out of season.

... but I still rather have my Canonn decal *grumble grumble*...
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Damn - I kinda like those. Are they going to be a limited time only deal like the xmas tree?

P.S. anyone got any screenies of what those decals actually look like in game - how big is that claw slash?
Heh, I quite like the spider, and claw marks.

And the Jack-o'-lantern bobble.

No! Must. Resist!

I kinda want the seasonal items...

All we need now are webs and stuff to hang in the cockpit. Lol

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
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