Roller Coasters Spring Mountain Racer - "Junior" RMC Coaster

Hi there all!

Summer has come to an end so more time to spend on new PLC projects.
Because I got bored with the building of theming I decided to start work on a single coaster project for a while until I got my inspiration back for the "Walk on the wild side" project.

So here it is... Spring Mountain Racer! A RMC junior coaster. The coaster is small and compact. Still it contains 2 inversions. Only 20 meter high but fast and furious. It's located in the Spring mountains. A group of island mountains full with unpredictable hotsprings that will give you a splashing ride trough the landscape.


Steam blueprint link:


Make sure that the sign "ground level" match up with the ground and is just readable.

Dig yourself a lake around the not themed areas and make sure you line up the waterlevel with the sign "water level" that is buried on the left of the first right turn to the lifthill. Level it up to the sign and it would perfectly line up with the waterfalls on the Islands.

Here some pictures:

Hope you enjoy the blueprint!
Thanks and have fun!


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Thank you for sharing your blueprint! Spring Mountain Racer looks very nice, with lots of foliage and a nice station building! : )
for a junior ride...its still pretty intense, but i like it. I also like your titles (Power Director), its the same one I use for my videos.
Thanks Joel and Wowman [cool]

Funny we came up with the same titles. Didn't pay notice enough than on your opening of your video's. I wasn't aware I was copy catting [big grin]
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