Squad Members cannot dock at my FC

Hey all,

I've set my FC to only allow docking to members of my Squadron. However, one of the squad is trying to dock now but gets "Docking denied". Are we missing something obvious in the Carrier settings? It's set to "Squadron Only" and thought that'd be it.

I only formed the Squadron today, membership was applied for and granted by me.

Really glad you posted this. Was thinking I must be losing my mind, just couldn't get docked and couldn't see why. Been flying around for ages now trying different combinations.
For me, it's like the "Squadron Only" setting simply does not work. I mean, it should be simple right?

- FC Setting "Squadron only"

- Squadron member turns up - let them dock!

I'd never played around with the access options until yesterday, I was always happy for anyone do dock who needed to for repairs and basic resupply - which is all I offered. With the amount of FC's in whatever system I'm in though, I don't think I had any visitors. I finally need to lock it down and limit the carrier to the Squadron I'm forming (just two Commanders currently) - I mean, weren't FC's originally planned to be Squadron only - and it's broken.

Sure, we can set it to friends only. However, most of my friends - who I'm happy to instance with and even sometimes team up - are not the same as those I want to have access to EVERYTHING on my FC. This includes discounted services and perhaps the odd special deal on Commodities. I think, without exception, they all have FC's of their own anyway.

We really a full set of tiered permissions for FC's. Who can dock, what services they can access, what tariffs they're charged and what commodities, and at what price, are available to them.

I.e. Anyone can access my FC for refuel, repairs and basic resupply - 10% tariff. Squadron members pay just a 1% tariff. Everyone can access my Commodities market, but some items are limited to just Squadron members / Squadron members have an extra discount applied. Oh, Buying and Selling at the same time please!

I feel we need this level of control, rather than all-access or none. Though I'd settle for this Squadron Only bug being fixed!

Yup, which the he's already been told twice. Yet the OP is still asking for pie-in-the-sky permission controls.
Look, it's been months and FDev hasn't even fixed basic docking permissions!
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There was already a ticket about this here: Carrier docking permission set to Squad only does not work

The short time solution is to have each squad member as a friend too, and set the permission to squardron and friends.
I did search for Squadron docking denied, but nothing was shown in the first few pages. In the past the tracker has been quite good at suggesting similar issues during issue creation, but didn't match that one this time.

Yup, which the he's already been told twice. Yet the OP is still asking for pie-in-the-sky permission controls.
Look, it's been months and FDev hasn't even tried to fix basic docking permissions!
As I explained that is not a solution for me. While I welcome the suggestions, as I've mentioned, allowing all my Friends the same level of access as my squad is absolutely NOT desired. So, fixing the "Squad Only" access option would be great, as would, one day, expanding on this to give extra control. Programmatically such filters should not be complex at all, so it's hardly pie in the sky from a technical perspective, though perhaps it is from an expected FDev to do it one lol.

Things do feel both a bit unfinished as well as plain broken for some features.

I did contribute to that other report, in the hope that one of them will be picked up. Had no idea this had been a problem for so long - has it been like this since FC were introduced then? I only came back to the game relatively recently, not having played since before FC's.

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Hah. True all that and agreed!

It's not a nice solution for me and my Xbox squad either. And it doesn't solve my new problem, which is allowing my new freebie PC commander to come along on the carrier too. To do that, access has to be "all" which I don't want to do either.
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