Squadron activities Ideas? Help

Greet CMDRs o7,

Looking for some fun ideas for events to organize for the squadron, looking for small scale events to large scale events. All ideas are welcomed!

Have a great one,
Alexander Cluckers
* system / CG raid *
storm a system / CG, rob all CMDR traders and kill all CMDR escorts / bounty hunters

* hostage situations *
we took some CMDRs as hostages and asked for a ransom to let them go

* distant robbery *
(large / medium scale) wings of traders had to rush from A to B (with various way points) avoiding to being robbed (wings provided escorts too)

* the stolen ship / cargo *
a CMDR says his ship / cargo has been stolen, others must check systems here and there, find clues and finally hunt / disable the ship or retrieve cargo
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Find a planet that is at least 1g. Find a tall mountain on said planet. Have a race in SRVs to the top. No route. Just a starting point and the finish line at the summit. Have a player in a ship hovering up top to witness the victor.

It's loads of fun and laughs.

SRV tag in a huge surface base is fun too. You know the rules of tag. Now do it in SRVs.

Sidie Night Fights. Everyone in Sidewinders, outfitted and engineered. (Or no engineering to make it more accessible.) as they want and have a battle royale. Cheap, easy, and a barrel of laughs.

Activities like these are what my squadron use as bonding experiences. It's good for morale and builds friendships. Have fun.

EDIT: Come up with your own ideas as well! Make them cheap and easy to participate in to encourage uh... participation.
Get together and fight.

Go gank until you get in a fight.

As long as things are blowing up, even if it’s you, you’re good to go.
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