News Squadron Leaderboards - Season One ends soon!

Any idea if these have to be picked up within the season or can we grab them at any point? Half of my squadron is beyond the core but we took silver for CQC on Xbox. It means a long journey back to Colonia if we have to do it now... better to find out before we progress deeper toward Beagle.
Are the trophies permanent or do they only last for one season (unless won again the following season)? Also, do players lose the trophies if they leave the squadron?

You get to keep the trophies.

I recently joined a squadron, and still have access to my second place CQC trophy from the last one.
Yes. FD stopped announcing the winners on the forums after season 2, but they're still going, still giving trophies, and still sometimes heavily contested.

(Same way that "exploration" is still a thing even though Frontier haven't done a thread about it for a while)
Umm... I repeat after clicking that link, are Squadron leader boards still a thing? Seems even FD have forgotten about them?
So I was going to ask what you meant, but I clicked the link again, and got


Looks like you have to be logged in before going to the link

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