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Can anyone help me sort out where this "reward" is that I'm told I've been given? I can't seem to find it for the life of me. I know it's in outfitting but I've come up dry.

EDIT:'s a holographic bobblehead. Swish.
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all hail to the CHEATERBOARD (or EXPLOITBOARD) winners... Still waiting for investigation results about the transactional nature of that as per this:

We've passed the feedback on for investigation. Thank you!
Been waiting for about 2 years but still, I have faith in fdev.
mor active members more missions getting, done more ships shot etc, am i missing something?
No, but it does seem kind of a strange incentive to funnel players together in larger groups.

Should be awards for more active player averages as well, in my opinion – coming from someone who is in one of the full squadrons and got an award for doing what I was already doing anyway.

At first I didn't even know what the award was for. :eek:


To be fair, I'm not actually sure that averages aren't a weighted factor as it is now.

Cheers. o7
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Does anyone know if we can pick these awards up whenever? Half my Squadron (Achievements) is in the black and we're wondering if we need to high-tail it to Colonia before this season ends or... (Took silver in Xbox CQC)
FEDX was 31 members at the time the xbox powerplay leaderboard was finalized. They managed to beat Celestial Light Brigade. CLB is at least 100 members big on XBox.
CLB was not able to participate in the powerplay leaderboard on the technicality that we cannot pledge in support of an Imperial power while also supporting an independent PMF government type painstakingly designed to benefit one particular Imperial power. It’s a huge problem for many active powerplay squadrons.
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