SRV Football/Soccer. Has Anyone Tried It?

Seems as we now have Ancient Orbs, which are quite round(I think), and we have SRVs.
We should be able to play SRV football!

A bit like this;

All we need is;
  • Two identical ships, to use their landing gear as goalposts.
  • A small, perfectly flat, square-ish or round plateau.
  • Lots of Ancient Orbs. Lots. We're going to lose them.
  • SRVs!
  • A 1+g planet.
And that's it! Cheap fun!

Basic rules are;
No Guns. Atleast not to begin with. :p
No Goal Loitering. Nope, no hanging around anywhere your turret will be stowed, you can be fighting over the ball, but that's it!
No Scooping. Keep Your Cargo Hold Closed!

Failure to comply is a 60 second time out on the naughty step. Which is on top of one of the ships. Your timer starts when you manage to get on top. :p

Anyone done anything like this before?
Souvarine, editor of Sagittarius Eye stored some ancient orbs in one of my alt accounts before taking them up to colonia for doing SRV Volleyball way back when 2.3 dropped. Ronnie Kane of the 9th Legion and I played Soccer with ancient orbs at one of the first discovered guardian site within a week of them being discovered. So yeah, it has been done, but it is good fun, so go for it :)

If you are on PC I can put a team together, and we willbring some spare balls (ancient orbs), if you want to get some buddies together for a game of five a side this would be a hoot!
ZOINKS Wing has done something similar, with blown up skimmer parts.

I like the guardian orb idea!

We used the red planetary port force field doors as goals.

Quite entertaining!
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