SRV in orbit! 700km up above planet surface (Mitterand Hollow)

Awesome stuff Nat, might have to head out and try this for myself. Any idea what conditions are required to trigger this? Does New Africa need to be directly overhead? Do you need to be on the same side of the planet as the Gnosis? Am thinking of dimissing my ship while up on its back ... that can often get you a good 5km of altitude if done right.
Thought I might do a bug report.....

SRV has zero thrust in space

Game Imersion Braking!

All the time (unless I get out an push)

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None / N/A



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CMDR Natalie Wright

After launching my SRV on a dangerous science mission to reach space, from a planitary body, I appear to have no thrust once in space. This is contrary to the laws of physics and Newtons third law. Seriously, now i'm in space I really need to propell my SRV to the nearest station. Please fix the thrusters!!

Steps to Reproduce
Hitch a lift on a passing ship, find a really powerful gas geyser or get thrown into orbit by a strange gravity anomaly near the Gnosis

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Great stuff!

I only managed about 15km SRV jump (geyser-assisted) so far.
Nice! My Geyser assisted record is about 20km and I landed too!!!

Awesome stream yesterday Nats. Freaky goings on at Mitterand hollow & the Hammers made the most of it. +Rep

There is a threshold of 1000km from the Gnosis, once inside that, gravity goes a but wrong, be careful as the leading edge of the anomaly pushes you down into the planet!
Now down on Mitterand Hollow myself - interesting!

So what seems to be happening is that the Gnosis "sphere of influence" (for want of a better description) is extending down to the planet meaning that for a certain area of the surface close to the megaship you end up moving relative to the Gnosis rather than the planet with the result that, when you drop out of glide mode you find the planet is still moving relative to your ship's frame of reference. In my case this meant that I lost something like 5 million credits worth of Pythons as the planet ploughed into me while I was boosting up to try and keep away from the approaching surface.

I found I could land on the opposite side of the planet without problem so what I'm currently doing is trying to find the edge of the megaship's sphere of influence so that I can a) land safely and b) drive into the "Gnosis Zone" and get lifted off the planet like Nat did.

Nat - I'm curious (sorry, haven't watched the whole stream yet), did you get lucky with where you landed or did you have the problem I did and have to find just the right spot to land?

Also, I made some video of me driving back towards the Gnosis side of the planet. No gravitational weirdness (yet) but the constant rise and fall of New Africa in front of me does look pretty cool!

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