SRV Movement Bug

I changed my SRV Throttle From Continuous to 25% it worked fine for about 1 hour then i stopped to mine an outcrop and now i cant move unless i set it back to Continuous. I cant move forward or back unless its set back to Continuous
What is strange is it ran fine for an hour while i was mining. Then i got into combat with some skimmers i came across and after i killed the skimmers i couldn't not move until i changed to Continuous. Someone above said maybe i hit drive assist off. Can you test drive assist on and off and see if that causes you not to move when set at 10%
I am not sure if that would effect it. I am not in an SRV at the moment
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I've been planetside most of the day. No problems here. A little jitter in Thargoid Structures, but otherwise fun as usual.

Are you driving FA On? :cry:
I was driving with it on. Will it work in both modes? On and Off if you don't have continuous set mode set? I was driving at 25% setting
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