SRV & Multicrew Feature Request

First I'd like to quickly take this opportunity to say I am delighted with 3.0, the changes to the planets, engineers and the new chieftain particularly. Very good job!

One of my few yet biggest disappointments with Horizons was the absence of SRVs in multicrew. It seems to be, particularly being the Horizons season, a huge missed opportunity. This feature would promote cooperative ground based gameplay, add immersion, and give more justification to carrying size 4/6 Planetary Vehicle Hangars. I would consider making a dedicated multicrew ship, and this might even give multicrew a needed revival. And lastly, this feature would help to promote exploration. The best way to experience deep space exploration is on the ground in an SRV, and this would give CMDRs another option to share their long voyage with a friend from time to time.

Given that you needed Horizons in order to use multicrew (while making perfect technical sense) it is frustrating that this feature would not include the SRVs.

This feature is on my wishlist for 2018! :)

Thanks again for all your hard work! o7

CMDR Tarka Dal
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