SRV Multicrew

One of the things I most wish we would see in multicrew is a more seemless experience. At the moment we can't stay in the ship during outfitting, SRV stuff, etc and the helm is locked to the helm.

If work was done on adding SRV multicrew to elite, i think we would see all of these things opening up, and allowing us to play the game almost entirely in multicrew if we so choose.

I absolutely love the quality of Elite... it's such a beautiful experience and it's moving along so nicely, but this kind of change is crucial to ensure a smooth and immersive experience imo.

Imagine sitting in an SRV on a planet, with a friend in the gunner position, attacking a base together and experiencing the awesomeness of this together. Or, being in multicrew in a ship, and one of you popping down on the planet in the SRV while the friend stays in the mothership providing fire support and eyes in the sky.

Ah dreams...
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