Stamina/energy for guests

Been lurking here for a while, gonna break the ice here with this idea I came up in bed. It's getting really late so I'll elaborate further tomorrow if needed. Also excuse my late night grammar whoopsies if there is any.

Anyways, back to the idea... Looking at the roadside benches in RCT3 made me wonder if they can be given a purpose other than just being decorations, like trash cans. After giving it some further pondering, I thought perhaps a stamina or energy system would fill the gap.

So here's the basic concept, a guest would enter the park with a full stamina bar. As time passes his stamina gradually drains(not very fast though) , but if he's walking his stamina will go down considerably faster. (another thought: maybe if a guest can't find a bathroom his stamina would drain very rapidly? But I personally think having guests doing their business on the ground and make you clean their droppings up would be a better solution if they can't find a bathroom)

When a guest's stamina is too low he will walk slower, ride fewer rides and maybe have a lower tolerance for intense rides, and when his stamina is completely drained he will leave the park.

Sitting on benches would refill the guest's stamina(albeit slowly), food and drinks would give an immediate stamina boost(amount depends on the type of food). A guest riding a transport ride would not lose stamina.

You might think this system may be overly realistic and convoluted, but this particular bit of realism actually contributes to making a challenging, believable but also, fun gameplay. In RCT3 there's not much point in building transport rides other than connecting some cut off areas and make your guests circulate faster. With the stamina system in place, transport rides and roadside benches now have a greater purpose. The stamina system also encourages players to plan their paths more efficiently and place shops/attractions more strategically. All in all, it would be a very nifty mechanism that adds more depth to the planet coaster experience.

Well, that took me a good chunk of time to write... 40 minutes have gone by before I knew it, there goes my already short shut eye time lol.
Let me know what yall think and I'll get back to you after I wake up :)
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