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So where are we now then?

Chris needs to write a roadmap to a roadmap to realise he needs to invent the GPU and CPU that can run SC and S42 before he can give us the not stale at all BDSSE?

I sense a kickstarter......
I rephrase it. SC will switch from dx11 to Vulkan and it's not common in the game market. It will be one of the game where we will be able to measure the real gain for this switch. I don't know another game that have switched from DX11 to Vulkan and used the specifities of Vulkan. I am curious about the gain in performance of this switch.
It would be similar to a switch from dx11 to dx12. Which happened, in some well documented instances. And the gains were marginal at best, and otherwise within margins of error, we're certainly not talking a miracle 15fps transformed into magical 60fps here.
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Greycat FPS Multi-Tool Cutting Attachment
We’ve decided to prioritize work & focus on the Multi-Tool Tractor Beam over this Attachment (currently scheduled for 3.12), so we’ve removed this card from the Roadmap for the time being.
Knowing CIG fondness for buzzwords that sort of come from the software dev industry, I wonder if they are going to introduce the idea of Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment????? Just a wild guess. But a way to get rid of a roadmap with dates. Just features with a completion rate. When something is done "to CIG standards" and ready, it can get released....
More like continuous prevarication.
I'm not. If the grunts were worthy of trust, they would long since have been able to find gainful - and above all honest - employment doing a real job at a real company.
There is this little thing called reality that sometimes gets in the way of high minded ideals. Depending on your skillset its not always easy to jump ship, especially if you have family, kids at school, need the income, and maybe the person is just cynical enough to remain at their job to get the wage even knowing what problems exist, because hell, its a salary.

@Ben Parry - if you are still lurking, do i remember correctly that at least part of your stated reason for joining CIG was due to location? (not invalidating any other reasons you might have - desire to work for CIG, opportunities, etc.)
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