Star Citizen Discussion Thread v12

Hey Ant, SC's Metacritic rating is down to 3.9/10


Do something useful and go give it 10/10 eh? ;)

/r/sc have picked up on it.


Not happy that their released/unreleased game is getting reviewed.

It would appear the poor reception is spreading, as SC's Metacritic score is now down from 4.5 to 3.6

It could get interesting if the faithful swarm that score to raise it, but in doing so trigger professional publications reviewing the game/alpha/mod...
I think the faithful will swarm it. A lot of negative reviews are from players having not tested the game. I guess it's currently a playground for the refund community (easy to spot with the 11 years narrative they are the sole to use, other just use 10 years. Or talking mainly about development cost or ship cost). A lot of honest reviews...
There is no "game".
Pacman & Tetris each have 10 times more gameplay loops than this.
EDIT : yeah, they have found it Source:

Posted on refund june 22, mass negative critics june 22.
Last edited: early access released product, but yes.
What is funny is the more fans write reviews, the more it validates SC as being a released product.
Star Citizen was released as early access years ago, so while it's taken a while for Metacritic to catch on it is better late than never.

SC markets itself as Playable Now with flashy trailers, and has a 30 day refund period, while also being in alpha development awaiting core tech and features to be implemented.

But yes, I agree that as more user reviews of the product come in, the likelihood of gaming media news outlets deciding to review it too increases greatly: "those that played it have reviewed it, it's time we did too".

Eurogamer did one years ago, but other sites didn't reciprocate.
What is funny is the more fans write reviews, the more it validates SC as being a released product.
I just hope these rabid SC fans don't notice how odd their one single review statistic looks and go on some sort of reviewing rampage

I don't want other games' score skewed by folks who think $10,000 is a normal amount to spend on a computer game

I mean... how will I ever trust Metacritic again?
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