Star Citizen Discussion Thread v12

The vast majority of refunders played x years ago and haven't tested by themselves the actual alpha. They don't want to waste their time with the freefly and don't own the game anymore (it's the "refund" channel).

<<< Dirty refundian and Star Citizen refugee who will still participate the free flies, to see how the game is actually progressing, both positive and mostly negative.

Still, I’ll review it on Metacritic… eventually. I’ll even be nice and wait for the free fly. I have about a dozen space games that do a far better job than SC does I want to review first… in my abundant spare time.
You and Little Ant should fill the next 10 pages arguing about the proper formula to determine the percentage. It is great forum content that everyone enjoys.

I would, but...

Some of the regulars definitely play it to this day: Source:

Because the sub is actually home to a broad church. Some haven't got rid of their core game package (in part because refunds aren't actually possible for many long-term players). Others have actually managed to refund fully, but do drop back in to free flies to see if the alpha has improved since their time. Others are simply sceptical about the game, and visit the sub to discuss SC without having to deal with the mindless tropes of white knights ;)

Also, it's not like fresh new refunders don't crop up regularly... Source:

I won't attempt to figure out what percentage of the sub has actually played recently, because that would be an absurd task. It's cute that you think you know the answer though ;)

There are also people like me on the refund sub, people who never gave CIG a penny, because we saw the red flags before we could be suckered in.

Of course, for the faithful this means all our criticism are invalid, because you can only be critical of predatory marketing practices if you've first fell for the scam.

What an idiot. Pay for advantage is pay to win. Backers love to pidgeonhole P2W as meaning the money directly gives you a win in some way. But all you have to do is look at many mobile games which are P2W to see in most cases, you don't win anything by paying, you just unlock something extra which then lines you up to unlock something else, which of course, you can pay to expedite.

This is why the "but you can buy it in game" argument is so weak. Yeah, you can, but you can also pay to expedite getting it, and that right there is the P2W mechanism at work.
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