Star Citizen Discussion Thread v12

Ah, we are having a chat on a discord channel wondering whether you have chickens. Demonic or otherwise.
I have half a dozen hens...3 Scots greys (for white eggs) and 3 common brown hens (for brown eggs). We also have 4 ducks and 2 geese wandering about. I like eggs...our postie hates the geese since they chase her around the yard :D

No cockerels though...despise the noisy brutes, they're not required to get eggs out of hens unless you want baby chickens. ;)
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Was just watching it. Totally cracked me up.

I can only think he's not happy that he doesn't get a positive reception on the refund sub. When his videos first were posted to the sub the reactions weren't that bad, but as he got crazier and crazier people started to tell him that he was losing the plot.

I suspect that is the reason he's decided to lash out.

Another funny thing is, i used to occasionally leave comments on his videos, and he'd sometimes reply positively or like my posts. I guess he doesn't like my posts any more :D
He used several of my leaks in a video and mentioned that I was "a CIG employee." On Reddit (probably my only post there), I corrected him and posted a link to the ancient SA thread that mentioned I'm not (and never was) an employee at Cloud Imperium Games or associated with them in any way.

His response to me was absolutely baffling; it reminded me of conspiracy theorists unable to come to terms with any information that directly contradicts their own internal realities.
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