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Look, i'm a CTO of a Fortune 5000 sheep development company, and i want to assure you that the best way to breed sheep it to take a cow and a pig and breed them.

Unfortunately Big Sheep want you to think the only way to breed sheep is by taking a male and female sheep and breed them.

This is a lie! They just want to control the business and make you pay more.

Pledge now, for just $100000 i will send you a picture of a cow and a pig that you can use to make your very own sheep*

* pending us inventing the tech to enable pigs and cows to produce sheep.
Day of the Vara is a holiday celebrated in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) annually on October 27. The holiday involves public festivals adorned with decorations in black and green and private gatherings convened to remember and honor the dead. Celebrants dress up as people who have passed away and swap scary stories, especially pertaining to mysterious incidents in space. It is seen by Humans as a day that gives equal weight to the joy of life and the macabre.​
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I do envy your life. I know its remote and not cosmopolitan, but getting away from city life would be so nice. My wife would love to live in a big city like Moscow or St. Petersburg because of all the culture, but i can't think of anything worse.

I always said when i get older i want to buy a cow and a pig and breed sheep.

I'm not entirely clued up on how all this nature stuff works though.
Island life isn't for everyone...far from it...especially somewhere as remote and disconnected as here. Most incomers last around a year before fleeing back to civilisation. The logistics of managing a home and a life on their own can be almost impossible if all parties involved can never be content being so geographically challenged and isolated from family and friends.

The weather can be draining, the permanent daylight during summer can wreck your body clock... the winter weather coming with only 5 hours of daylight, 60+mph winds most days with driving rain, weeks without a ferry out or in, the one local shop running out of basic supplies forcing you to live out of the freezers and food cupboards can shrink the resolve if you aren't prepared for it... but what gets folk more than all that is the imagined escape from the rat race is only fine if you're not already one of the pre-programmed rats. :)

Transferring your entire life to an island one isn't just moving's starting again almost from scratch...
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the permanent daylight during summer can wreck your body clock... the winter weather coming with only 5 hours of daylight,
Ha! You get daylight in wintertime! :eek:

Spent my childhood & youth on the Polar Circle - we got a glimpse of permanent daylight during summer - no problem with that, that's what curtains are for, but it is the almost permanent darkness around winter solstice that gets on the nerves of some people.
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From the comments...

One person asks...

Hi from /r/all and a (years ago) buy-in hopeful! The graphics on this game look great already! How's the development coming?
And the reply is...

It's going strong and healthy

Star Citizen France has a rant. Link translated. @LittleAnt presumably has already seen the original.

Very telling rant too since SC France has been around since the beginning. I'm sure there's even more in a similar vein been posted around the community based web sites. Chris Roberts arrogance came out in full force with posting his butt-hurt and spoiled brat comments on Spectrum, showing he feels absolutely no humility in the fact that his dream project and he himself have been living solely off other peoples money, patience and forbearance since 2012. His demented rantings have done way more damage to the validity of his pie in the sky project than anything else to date. There's always the thick skinned and equally thick headed who'll continue to fluff his nest with cash... but a lot of long term backers, supporters and content creators are throwing in the towel...if they haven't already.

If the investors aren't thinking about cashing in now...I'm seriously doubting their business sense, either that or they're as blinded by greed as Roberts himself.
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Star Citizen France has a rant. Link translated. @LittleAnt presumably has already seen the original.

From the comments

The real development only started 4 years ago

Finally explaining Answer the call 2016 was for Devs not the game

Though to be fair.... if they still dont have a road map to the road map.... can we say that development has really started.'

Perhaps real development will really only truly begin in earnest with the 2021 Road Map
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