Parks Star Wars Land

OMG! this is a labor of love!
g Epic!
your creativity is blowing my socks off. [up]

the tent like tapestries/ awnings shading the street, what pieces are you using?
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That is the large flag that you can use like a billboard.
I used that a lot in this park with different canvas textures.
the load platform as you get ready to depart on your mission

a jump through hyperspace

Where you board a First Order battleship

Fighting going on all around you
Sorry - I have been silent for a while...been out of town.

Here are some more battle scene shots from the main hangar

Your mission is to help locate and shut down the force field. This hallway leads you from the hangar to the power core room.

in the power core

There is already a crew there and you are assigned a new mission to locate some imprisoned alliance members
Your new mission to find the prisoners, leads you down a heavily damaged corridor.

And right through another battle
During that battle, your vehicle gets hit and spins out of control.

You regain control and pass below the large ship in the docking bay

pass through a supply storage area and head out to confirm the location of the prisoners.
Some additional action when you locate the prisoners

and then you head back into the main hangar bay (on the catwalk platform) where the battle is still raging
then you head out of the hangar, and down a hallway as you get directions for your escape route

Some additional First Order resistance is encountered

Your escape hatch is located
Another jump through hyper-space

Where you return back to the rebel ship

where you exit and head out for more adventures elsewhere
Here is the POV for this ride. I struggled a bit with trying to determine if I should have all the audio in Planco (to try and stay true to the game) or English...and in the end decided on English so that everyone can more easily understand what was going on. Another deciding factor is that I realized the game is not consistent. Audio language it in Planco, but all signage is in English.

There was a lot of audio editing I had to do to make this really work and have the feel I wanted in the final result. I just couldn't achieve this complexity using in game controls.
Here is an off-ride view so you can see how the vehicle interacts and goes through the scenery.
Here is a recap of Galaxy's Edge (Batuu) land
The Death Star.....

Moving out of Batuu and onto the Death Star. I didn't do what you might expect here and how I have seen many others do. I didn't do a large globe or half dome that looks like the Death Star. I decided to do more of a 'what would it look like if you were in, or on, this ship. So, its way more close up. The entire land is the interior corridors of the ship. The exterior is more of a close up of the ship and what it might looks like. I only had a small area to squeeze this mini-land in.

Here are the blueprints I used in this land

[Death Star interior pack] Corridor curve- by elekvault
[Death Star interior pack] Straight corridor section by elekvault
[Death Star interior pack] Hangar by elekvault
Pieces from Greebled Sci-Fi Modular Wall Building Set by madbeachfun
Large Sci-Fi Corridor by Shmoebagel
Many set pieces from Star Wars: The Old Republic collection by Sith'ari
Various Death Star Modules by elekvault

I don't have a map of this land, but it includes a launch suspended coaster and the Horror Heights drop tower as well as a few shops and places to eat.

THX - Glad you like it.

Here is a closer look at the exterior (I think it looks best at night). Its basically made of tons of pieces and sets that other placed out on the workshop.

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