Parks Star Wars Land

Here is what it looks like as you would enter the Death Star interior from Galaxy's edge. I know its a bit of a hard transition, but it was the best I could do squeezing this land land in this little space.

and the same thing with the second entrance

and the last entrance from the downed Star Destroyer/Jakku part of the park
Lets take a closer look at the Death Star Attack Run (yet another poorly named ride by me)
Here is the queue entrance from the corridor.

It wraps through a control room
Moving onto the pain of this part of the park. My attempt to add a Horror Heights ride. Here is what this area looked like early on in the process. The ride is in, some scenery placed on the load part of the ride. the queue and priority lane are in place. The square pathway pad is where the post ride shop will be located. Timing the triggered events to the ride was very difficult, but it eventually worked out well. My downfall was trying to trigger video screens. Due to lag and especially, when trying to record, the videos were just way off and doors were just not timing correctly when trying to capture it to share with all of you.

Again, a terrible ride name. Here is the entrance to the finished product.

beginning of the queue

Priority Pass splits off down a different corridor.
headed towards the second drop shaft

Entering the drop area

One of the scenes. at each stop, I had a door open and played a video scene. Some had real props in front of the video screens as well to try and add some depth to the scene.
And here is the video of this ride. You do get a much better perspective on the look and feel of the ride, but I did have a bear of a time recording this. The lag was so bad the syncing of the triggers for the doors opening and the videos playing correctly just didn't work the way it was all timed out playing in the normal game.
Here is a recap of this land. I will also post this to the workshop later
Its a shame youre finished with the project[cry]! id love to see a sequel park as there are so many unexplored ideas and planets you could do, like cloud city, or alderan, and many more you could do!
Back fresh from a week at WDW. Had lots of fun and got some great looks at Galaxy's Edge going up. Really looking cool.
Moving onto Mustafar...the volcano planet. Here is an overview video of this land.

Here is an overview of this land

Yellow line is monorail track
Orange is Anakin's Rage coaster
light green are the flat rides
Purple is Death Star area (not part of this land)
Blue is shops and facilities
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