Parks Star Wars Land

Here is the recap video of this land
This park has been a constant all my PC life. It's amazing to see it finally finished and I can only stand in awe of the effort required to build so much over such a long time. Bravo! (pops champagne)


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Wow, that is a massive and incredible park, both during day and night!

You've invested a huge amount of time in this park! :D final official post for this thread. Hope this entertained you at least a little bit.
A park recap video


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This is TRULY TRULY A-MA-ZING....... all the work you have done. There's not a single negative word I would ever use to describe your work. SO GREAT!!!! You knocked it outta the park!
The completion of this epic park should be a national holiday throughout PC-land. It's gone on so long, and has been so great throughout, that it deserves much more of a send-off than you'll likely see in this slum. So I hoist my Sazerac and down half of it at a gulp to this amazing project. Congratulations and happy hangovers ;)
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