Parks Star Wars Land

Couple night time shots of this area.
Here is the queue area and ride skin for the Dark Side flat ride.

So I realize this photo doesn't show much except the over lighting of the path areas through the swampland

More paths

Yoda's Pizza parlor
I like the layout of your paths. I always struggle with that [cry]. But it seems like Yodas Pizza is not a high selling product? You should consider selling Rootleaf Stew instead.

"Eat, eat. Hot. Good food, hmm?" [squeeeeee].
Hey Wowman - amazing! I really like the SciFi details very much!
The atmosphere you created with the lighting is amazing!
THX for all the inspiring comments. Almost done with the Forest Moon of Endor area. Hope to have more photos and video coming out soon. I may have to start to split the park into separate maps for each land, or every couple lands, as lag is starting to effect the smooth running of the park. I hate to do that because I love the way the whole park looks from high above views.

After Endor we wil have...Hoth...Naboo...Tantooine...and more. I love this game. I'm amazed that I have been able to create what I have with the scenery options we have so far. I get really excited as more and more become avaiable as it only makes it easier.
Yay! Now to go steal ideas admire the beauty of it all ;)
I really don't mind if someone can gain pleasure and use of material I build. I use stuff from others as well. its not like we are making money on this and losing income if stuff it used. Its all part of the fun playing the game as one big happy family.
Here is the queue line for the Swamp Logs ride

Walkway over part of the swamp

Over head night shot of the entire land
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