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Nice-looking gator, a bit on the small side if you're looking for a skin or meat, but I'm sure he'll grow up in a few years ;).

The 1st thing I ever built in this game was a gator. It's OK at a distance but I've never been too happy with it. You should try to do better :)
BLUE PRINT CREDITS for this land.
I did use a few blueprint items in this land and want to make sure credit is given correctly.

First the good news...
Tie Fighter was built by elekvault.

The X-Wing Fighter was done by MuFuTee.

Now the slightly bad news...
I also used three different lamp posts in this land, but I had saved them originally during the Alpha game...and re-saved them as a blueprint in the park, so as to not lose them...but by doing this I lost the creators of them...and can't find them in the current sorry. Share who you are and take credit if you see you lamps in my park.

Other than that...I believe everything I added in was from scratch.

Thx guys for sharing your work for others to use.
I am using the blueprints more and more as my park makes progress.
One last video of the logs. Have fun on a night ride.
I know it would have been better to have this at the beginning of this land...but here is an overview and a map of this area.

And here is a color coded map:
Green line is the Swamp Logs track and queue area
Pink is the monorail track as it cuts through this land
Blue are all the shops, restaurants, and facilities
Purple are the flat rides.
Walk through of Dagobah...I know - prob should have done this first, but was having issues recording audio.
Thanks for the more in-depth view of all this. But I have trouble placing your accent. It doesn't sound particularly Southern, but OTOH I hear most Floridians aren 't from there originally.
Here is a recap video of Dagobah to wrap up this land. I'm still working through the best way to records and make the FPS better, so please excuse this.
Taking a step back...I realized I never posted a couple vids from the main street area. Here is one of the coaster inside the Jedi Tower.
That definitely puts the wild in the mouse :). Very interesting scenery inside, too. Who said the Jedi Tower was a monastery? :D
And here is a recap of Coruscant - enjoy
Moving on to the Moon of Endor section of the park.
I'll start off this time with a video of a high level walk through of this land and will follow with more detailed photos later.
I really like the whole tangled mess of this with paths and rides criss-crossing everywhere :). And those custom planked paths..... How many planks?

I hope your FPS is better when playing than what's in the video...
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