News Stargazing Tours: Aliens and Oddities - Thursday 7 March 2019

Paige Harvey

Community Manager
Hello Commanders,

Join us on Thursday 7 March, 2019 at 19:00 UTC for the first episode of the "Stargazing Tours", a new series where we check out the most beautiful and strange things in Elite Dangerous! Paige and Sally will be heading to the Pleiades to study both the Thargoids and Stellar Phenomena, so be sure to tune in!

Livestream details

Topic - Stargazing Tours: Aliens and Oddities
Date – 07 March 2019
Time – 19:00 (UTC)
Where – Click here!

See you there!
I will definitely need to watch this [up]

Edit - it had occurred to me before that the streams could really help show people the sights that, to be honest, many (most?) players don't see when they don't leave the bubble. Tourist sites, nebula, plus the new installations inside the bubble.
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I'm hoping we can persuade Paige to actually look at the lifeforms in the NSP, as Will keeps looking at the far more boring crystals and ignoring the cool stuff :)
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