Starting ED via EDProfiler

I wanted to fiddle around with the VR-settings from the EDProfiler and when I tried to launch Elite, EDProfiler told me to tell it where the launcher is.
Well, there's at least two launchers... one from the initial Frontier install, the other one from Oculus.
So I've specified the Oculus launcher and now I get the following warning:
Please start Elite: Dangerous via Oculus Home. Starting this build directly may not workas expected and is not supported.
Hm.. so what should I do here now? :) Do I have to launch Elite from EDProfiler in order to use the settings I made there?
Hm... surprised there's no answer yet. Based on posts in this forum I was under the assumption that almost everyone uses ED Profiler. :) So... do you start ED from the EDProfiler application but just never had the warning above? Or do you start ED from Oculus Home?
@SargonX Hi just saw your question as I was browsing, I use the vive but my friend uses the oculus. He said he uses the launcher in his steam folder with the No vr unticked and it launches his oculus software at the same time.

Also I have started a thread to request the ability to change the text color for a better VR experience here: if you have the time please leave an opinion.
OP, I don't know if this will help, but it talks about using EDProfiler's VR GUI Modes.

As well, this thread speaks about having an Oculus Key for Elite. I assume you have this.

Should be something in here to help.

Yep, ED Profiler defaults to the standard FD installation path. From memory there is a way to manually set the path, but you will need to go the ED profiler thread (or download page) to work out how to do it. Has been raised in the past for sure.
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