State of Elite. One idiot CMDRS take on what he sees

So lets start off by saying I love this game. All what I am about to say is my opinion and mine alone I don't represent anyone or anything but MYSELF

Formality's out of the way lets talk Elite
First off lets start off by saying. Nerfing honey holes is a sign there is a issue with acquiring Credits in your game. Trade is bubkis! if my 300mil T9 can't make me over 15 mil a hour thats not okay it cost more in rebuy then what I would make in trade. Also why is the returns so low on some things. 15cr profit per ton? Holy crap my fuel costs are higher! Trade needs a SERIOUS buff as someone who enjoys finding honey holes for credits I would love to see more Trade based credit honey holes! Combat is still a OKAY way to get credits but the risk is high for starting players. Passengers for a while there was insane but due to some recent nerfs thats gone (Unfortunately FDEV is very reactive not proactive!) Time sink game play is not good. It should not take you 5-6 hrs to get enough of anything (cough cough ENG MATS) to get anywhere in the game. TIME SINKS ARE NOT GAME PLAY THAT IS GRIND Some grind is fine...Not what its at now and I HOPE HOPE HOPE the next chapter allows for less time sink to do even basic stuff!

Next Crime and punishment! This is a complex subject for me. So strap in.
First off by saying this. Elite...Elites a combat game plain and simple with aspects of exploration and trade mixed in there for more realism. Now how do you get this Plexus? You ask me ready to beat my rim lock in! Are you just a idiot? "YES" but hear me out!. In my unbiased opinion Elite is a Combat game. Every single ship has hard points. Every single ship has defenses and every single ship can attack another one either by pulling them from super cruise or just targeting them. Now that being said. Senseless I have been in 100's of very lop sided fights (FAS/FDL VS T6) so I have seen the rebuy screen a lot. Now you might be thinking "aww yeah this guy hates pvp" NOPE I love it. With the new crime and punishment it seems to really go after PVP by making "notoriety systems" that go after serial Attackers. That is all fine and good but this hurts a profession near and dear to me. PIRACY. Piracy is a seedy business filled with tons of risk and very little reward for the pirate (Yeah FDEV really??? ) Now I hear this alot "But REAL PIRATES don't need to kill!" and I say to you. Okay....Lets let a NPC Pirate interdict you and you dont stop and comply....what happens to you...OH WAIT...HE ATTACKS YOU!!! HE KILLS YOU (if you suck) Ohhhh looky there....They must not be real pirates then....-.- NO! A real pirate will Interdict you (most times will tell you he/she is about to because he\she needs you to submit and comply a good piracy run is no shots fired) Once you get pulled out you need to comply with his/her demands if you don't they will attack you JUST LIKE A NPC WOULD!. Now why did I go into this...Because it seems that the new C&P hurts a already hemorrhaging profession. Making it cost even MORE to even do basic piracy. Also as CMDRS become to skilled for NPC's and don't find enjoyment in them PVP is a avenue for this. Look today's most popular games are PVP (PUG THE DOG DOOT CODFISH CSMOW OVERCLOCK) So PVP is inevitable in a game were Ship combat is SOOO perfected (tho the weapons are a bit unbalanced) Elite does a few things well and COMBAT is one of the big ones. Another point to prove elite is a combat game almost all adverts are showing combat 2\3rds of eng's are for weapons or defenses! And its obvious that FDEV has not put much effort into exploration for the past few years (why ...why are my planets so.....beige...thank GOD you fixed it) also Elite has no areas of space (other then inside or directly infront of stations) that combat CAN'T happen. But... the community is torn between PVP and PVE people. I wont go to the viscera thrown at the two. My only 2cents is this Griefing sucks and so does combat logging...see you both hate it

Elite IMO is a AWESOME game. I get annoyed with somethings but over all The ships are amazing looking. I have had some seriously amazing views from this game and combat is great! NO lie that its a art form watching some of these guys fight is simply awesome to see! Elite does things well and not so well just like anything else! BUT Elite is a pretty solid game with a decent community around it that seems to care greatly about what happens in its world! Elites a one of a kind game and I am glad to play and be a part of it. Even tho it can be grindy at times. I still love flying and building my ships and I am exited for the next chapter in this game! I just wish that PVP was not going to be punished so much for basically playing the game and utilizing Elites strongest features!

In closing I want to say this.
Can we QUIT with the negative attitude towards the PVP and PVE community tempers flare I know but its just...well its just a game man...settle down.
And feel free to add anything to this discussion! I would love to know peoples opinions and views on it. Everyone plays Elite differently

Hope to see you in the Black CMDRS o7
the weird guy who flys a type 6 everywhere
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