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It's the general pharm council - they took over the regulation stuff and legal things from the RPS when the changeover you describe happened, not that I can remember which year it was.

As it happens I agree with you over the tech registration and cpd request/demands now and did back at the time - several tech friends left for those reasons.

One thing I'd add is that these guys must be raking it in from retention fees to fund this place, it's quite astonishing really. Good job that I'm publicly posting these comments under a pseudonym though, so they can bite me if they have beef!

I might end up whacking one of them if here until Friday for the slowest meeting ever though....! Trying not to fall asleep when it's in session. I'll give them a polite kick in the crotch from yourself as well though mate, just out of principle! ;)
What really annoyed me is that we had to pay these fees (and get them all stamped by a solicitor as well) and got nothing for it in exchange bar a reg Pharm Tech offical name. No legal representation (like pharmacists got) and we had to do CPD. Now, as a hospital pharmacy technician I could make pretty much anything, and felt CPD was useless since I'm trained in what I need to do (unlike community pharmacy which this was for).

For a technician who also single handedly designed the hospitals modern prescription charts and did IT too, I was less than impressed having to be lectured on 'learning'. CPD learning for a hospital tech is going to drug rep meetings and nodding.


I can feel my blood pressure rising :mad:
Good morning good bretheren and sisteren of the Brebus! Hope this late summer's morning finds you well. On this morning's topics: good luck on your quest Brother Hat, continuing ed requirements are everywhere and bite (I've been able to avoid them for now tho) and my obligatory cat pic (Little guys loves his catnip):


Daily game report: Not sure if it was me or a bug but the game ran last night on xbox.
page 1925 - you guys have been busy while I was away (got banned for something pretty unreasonable and not even FDev or Elite related). Anyway, I just saw the latest video from Obsidian Ant, which is a good summary about the reality of space games nowadays.

Welcome back. Please don't make the mistake of dissing the mods for your holiday... that's already been seen in another thread!
A Jaffa cake is a cake, not a biscuit. There's a higher tax on chocolate biscuits so they went to court to prove it. They claimed a cake goes hard as it gets older, a biscuit goes soft. Pretty clever reasoning. Or it might be an old wives tale...
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