State of the Game

Go for it.
This link so far is the best recipe for the Wonton's I've tried so far:

As for the broth, I (thankfully) have a small Chinese supermarket round the corner, so I can get this:

which makes it taste exactly like from the Chinese takeaway! (one teaspoon of this per 330ml serving of stock)
The GitFox in my garden dug under a fence (because it was lazy rather than walking 10 meters further along the road) and for about a week we played a tense mind game of block / remove the blockage. In the end I put a giant rock and drove sticks into the ground like bars to teach it a lesson.

It was funny as the fox did a gigantic poo next to the rock the next day.

Sore loser.
In trying to deter a badger and fox (and their vile 'gifts' left in the flower beds), at various 'key points' around the garden there has been positioned an ultrasonic pest-deterrent. It had good reviews and flshing lights too. I may as well have left out bowls of food.

Where's @MishaTX when you need some old-fashioned !BLAM!
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