State of the Game

OK, I have read 2553 pages with 51060 post, and I wonder...

... what is the state of the game?
Haven't you read the OP, with all its insight, elaboration, wisdom and underlying, engaging narrative?

It's been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Economics and Physics for 2022.
It's also won a Pulitzer Prize, two Academy Awards and a FIFA Football World Cup!
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Someone at work got into trouble for saying "back of a, cigarette packet calculation". Honestly, I think the Americans at work should learn to cope with other ways of speaking the language when there's clearly, unambiguously no bigoted intent.

I do not like them here i do not them there i do not like them anywhere not with hat or with a rat not with ender or from a blender.

Good morning dear bretheren and sisteren of the brebus! Happy turkey day should u partake.

Game update: still running on Xbox!


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