State of the Game

Elite is a GREAT game. I still play it. Always have played it. I buy and play other games too.
But I always come back to this space sim. It's got that something.

Want to sell more ELITE games?
Add the one SuperCruse feature that would make it sell itself. (and give us something cool to do)
(We always brag the system map is pretty accurate to real systems)
Put in a clickable SC pointer reticle that would let us answer the one question everybody watching me play asks:
- "Can you fly to that star? That one right there", (as they point to one of the distant points of light).
If I could put a pointer on it and <click> getting my nav system to pick any close system relatively in that direction . . . :)
The state of the game?

Our little group of SotG players has been having a bit of fun this last week: All in EDO, of course.
Start a war, end a war, steal loads of cargo, eliminate hordes of ground troops and scavs, and, soon, set off to Colonia Nebula to spread chaos and laughter to many.

Not too dreadful, I'd say.
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