Station near Sag A* is here.

I won’t post pictures because I know some people want to see it themselves, but the station is here. I think the appearance is bugged too, it’s a bit funny looking lol
Isn't the next CG to get services up and running?
Yes, but thousands of explorers have to get there for the CG several times while keeping their exploration data safe?

Am I alone thinking this is a bad idea?

Edit: also if I were president of Universal Cartographics, I'd get at least half of my best cartographers out there to work through all the stuff the biggest exploration mission ever will hand in. Also I'd do that asap.
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When I was growing up you had to actually write a letter to someone. Now with these new fangled things like text messages and the Internet life is just been made too easy!
Same here. just like no computer or Microwave or no cellphone when I grew up. The phone was still stuck to the wall by a wire.

Note I still live in a DEAD ZONE. It freaks out the new generation out as well as companies.

That said feels kinda bad to have a station that close to a major source in the black. Coming back from Sag A* used to be a right of passage, now you can eventually just cash in right there or Colonia.
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