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today I got myself engaged in some rescue missions at stations attacked by thargoids and really enjoyed it! Finally a use case where smaller, mor agile ships are of use! So I wanted to discuss what kind of loadout you find to be the most effective. Here are some of the insights I got when salvaging escape pods etc.:
  • You don't need a lot of cargo capacity - one instance usually doesn't contain more than 20t of salvagable goods and your more likely to run out of heatsinks than of cargo capacity
  • You need a lot of collector limpet controllers - as you don't need much cargo capacity you can fill any up any unused internal module with collector limpet controller; having more controllers let's you salvage quicker which not only increases efficiency but also lets you use less heat sinks
  • You need to be fast and agile - this allows for quick manouvering inside the station and quick recovery of interruptions by explosions

What are your thoughts on this? Which ship do you prefer? I came to the conclusion that an Asp Explorer might be best suited for this job. Here's my current loadout:
I'd be happy to see your fittings!

Fly safe CMDRs
I re-fitted my Python for both ferrying passengers out of the station and collecting salvage.

I fly into the station, find the pad and land. Now, if I have managed to do this quickly and use only one heatsink (9/10 times) then I will load up the passangers, launch, then fire off a few limpets and hang around for them to get some salvage, firing off heatsinks as needed. I will keep an eye on temperature so I use my last heatsink, give it a few seconds then boost out of there.

The passangers may well start shouting and yelling at me but hey - they're getting a ride out of there :D
If you want to ferry some refugees and savlage escape pods etc. the python should be the way to go; you're right there.
But I think for just salvaging it would be overkill. As I said: You don't need a lot of cargo capacity. Therefore the python would handle to clunky in my opinion. I use my beluga for ferrying refugees which wouldn't handle ideally when salvaging...
I use a cutter. It is fully loaded with economy cabins but has a size 8 cargo bay (256 capacity - to pick up pods etc), and a 5a collector. Does the trick pretty well. I like the big cargo bay because I focus on missions giving cracked industrial firmware, and this lets me hoard stuff for multiple missions should they appear.

Technically a corvette has the biggest carrying capacity I believe.
I have only done (and currently doing) the passenger rescue so far, As much as i would agree with the general feeling that the Thargoid content is too much of a drip feed,what we do have is amazing,with such stunning visual set pieces,so atmospheric. The dev's are amazing at what they do IMHO.
I know there are problems but what we have leaves me speechless at times,and even though i have been critical on occasion,i have to say at the end of the day...
Thank you Elite Frontier! o7
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