Station Segments and luggage shelves that can be opened from multiple sides!

Hey! There are multiple coasters (Like Taron and Blue Fire), that have station segments for loading and unloading.

There are also luggage shelves that can be filled before riding the ride (actually when entering the seats), and unfilled when etting out of the train, but from the other side, that the train which is being loaded at the time can have people that put their stuff into other parts of the shelf.

Pretty hard to find any pictures or videos.

There are onride videos, but they don't show the station. Does anybody know what I'm talking about [squeeeeee] ?
I know what you are on about but I don't feel they are needed with this. I feel the detail and the time it takes to animate would mean that we would be waiting someone to ride for an hour because of this. I don't this is logical. I mean having the detail in the station would look good but it doesn't add to the gameplay.
It would add to the gameplay, because the capacity would be higher, and you're able to let more guests into the coaster, and reduce the queue length.

It's also about the details! [yesnod]
Sorry wasn't clear but was on about the luggage compartments. The multi segment loads and unload depending on the coaster type is a handy addition
luggage? not important [down] lockers have been requested but it seems like too much

separate docking/unloading stations? yes [up] it has been requested and IMO is more realistic
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Basically a coaster w/ 2 stations ?

Well, seeing as the Connie Express will make having more then one station a possibility...

When implementing 2 segments with double sided luggage shelves, these segments would have to be connected, because unloaded guests would have to walk to the other side of the shelf of the first segment, where people are being loaded!
with double sided luggage shelves, unloaded guests would have to walk to the other side of the shelf
no please no! lol its too much... will be lucky if we see separate stations and that has been requested before... but there are many many many more things that would be more important than guests requiring storage space for their items [down][down]
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