Stations Being Attacked

Looking forward to all the forum comments "it's just a station, but on fire, lazy fdev" :)

Apparently there is a galnet, but it hasn't appeared on the web version yet. 3 stations attacked.
And there I am, heading off to visit the Statue of Liberty nebula to get the last few % for Elite explorer. Do I turn round, having only got halfway there?
Apparently you don't lose your ships if there is an attack, but there are passenger rescue missions. Looks like I picked the wrong week to try and put this game down - thanks FDev ;)
Everyone man the cargo racks we are heading into a trade war passenger ships we are heading into a passenger transport war!

At least until we see them attacking a station, then we can man the warships and (finally) head into a real war.


Sorry, for any listeners, I didn't just display my allegiance with our alien overlords invaders
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