Steam launcher is not working AGAIN

Its been like this for a good week on PC (non Steam) also. Very slow exiting of supercruise and laggy stations.

With SC my life support drained in a situation where I should have been able to dock. Because of the timer I could see how long the SC drop took, it was just shy of 4 minutes.
same problem with login in steam
odyssey was bought year ago. all week played ok. today it logout and cant login.
Confirming Steam problems. Was able to log in after a bunch of attempts and 10 minutes of Loading. Once in game there is about 5+ minutes of lag while I'm mining. Filling up the refinery is fine but then the refinery just sits there for 5+ minutes then slowly starts churning out a few plat. Unplayable.
I've not been able to get in all day! I did get in for about 3mins then there was a 'Server Error' and all i could do was the training bits? have i invested into a great game with garbage servers?
I'm convinced its a server overload from the community goal (which i belive finished thismorning). I get in, and then loose server connection after about 10(ish) mins.
The only thing i found works is:
-Go to the steam library (on PC) and force open/close on the Elite Dangerious game.
-If you get the fail screen, taskbar close launcher and confirm the game has been closed on steam.
-Repeat process, until the play tab appears.
Literally did every option in that help system, in all of their websites. i seem to have a stable connection now but i was furious earlier. Dont know how long it'll last mind.
Working through the Steam launcher for me right now. Didn't have to update or verify anything.
If anyone else is still having issues, do share with us.
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