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There are a small group of people who seem to post very intentionally to troll those who love the game. I've not seen them in this thread (though perhaps I've missed some posts). There are others who love the premise of the game but want it to be something more or something different. And then there are those of us who actually love the game itself, but the game we love has become bogged down with bugs and poorly-implemented updates.

For me personally, if the bugs are fixed and some of the new features are polished (FSS, HUD modes, etc), I would happily start playing the game again. That's why I frequent the forums and why I still keep my copy of ED installed on an external drive. That said, I've resigned myself to the likelihood that I'll have to wait until New Era and / or ED for PS5 before it's once again fully enjoyable to me. In the meantime I'll continue follow the "story" and ethos of the game through the posts and videos of other players. But that doesn't mean I won't complain about complainable things. Even some of the game's biggest fans have serious and vocal complaints.
I think it will run very well on the PS5. The base game runs as smooth as a seal on the 1X and the PS5 should be a step up from the 1X. I do have a slight worry that when I buy Horizons that my game's gonna get all buggy too. Wondering if the reason I am having zero problems is because I don't have Horizons? I will find out soon enough because I think I'm nearly ready to do some engineering. Be interesting to see what happens.
Horizons is pretty much essential, especially since the game throws money at you now which destroys the pleasant sense of progression you used to get from one ship to the next.
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