Steam Store DLC Deluxe Edition Pricing Issues

Hi all,

I am coming from the steam forums to talk about a frustration base game owners are having with the current pricing model on Steam, for Planet Coaster. for reference

I purchased this game in 2016, and while it looked fun I have been waiting to see a bunch of DLC to come out for more content. Now that I am in the market for PC games again, I was disappointed to see that because I already own the base game, it is roughly 34 USD more for me to buy all the DLC than it would be to simply buy the deluxe edition. However you are prohibited from buying the Deluxe edition if you already own the base game.

Essentially what this means is that I am being charged 34 USD more than a new owner would be for all of the content. The only solution given was to delete the title from my collection (which is a big pain in the butt btw) and then re-purchase the deluxe edition. I think this is pretty outrageous, and it has been done on other games to allow a 'Upgrade' option to the Deluxe edition if you own the base game instead.

I'm sure this is just an oversight, but it does feel a bit like a slap in the face for anyone that purchased the game years before and supported it, just to be overcharged for DLC or be forced to delete the title from your collection first. Any chance of this being addressed before the sale ends on Dec 3rd?
its been like this since the very beginning which is why I never bought any of the DLCs, some of them are decent but most of them are not worth the price IMO

i wonder how it will be priced for consoles? though it would suck if consoles cant access the current workshop blueprints, I'll probably just wait for Planco2 since theres so many QoL/UI improvements I would like to see added before I spend any more money
I find this frustrating too, and this is why I haven't bought any of the DLC's either. I might buy them if they were to bundle them together so that you could purchase all of them for a reduced price instead of having to pay full price for each one individually.
This comes up pretty often. I do wish they would address it. I already have all the DLC but it would be nice to let others get it and really open the game and workshop to them.


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As Bo has stated elsewhere:

Planet Zoo is a new game with a dedicated game team, who are working on things for that game; just like Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo will have continuous updates post-launch. We are currently working on fixes and are able to add some extra content for 1.1! The Planet Coaster team is working very hard on the console edition.
There's very little ambiguity here. It's all (Planet Coaster team) hands on deck for the Console version so nobody should expect DLC until after that's shipped next summer.

The chances of DLC afterwards is very likely in my opinion. There's in excess of 150 million owners of the Xbox One and PS4 combined. If even a tiny percentage of that buy the game you're looking at a huge new audience for DLC on top of the current Steam owners. Frontier would be crazy to not want to cater to an increased customerbase by creating more DLC at that time.
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