Steampunk Dragon

Presenting the most ambitious thing I've ever built so far. For those unaware of my latest project in Planet Coaster, this is a major element of theming I originally constructed for my multi-launch coaster, Talon (the thread in question can be found here).

This colossal beast towers at approximately 16m and is complete with a timed sequence of effects, including jets of steam blasting out of the creature's nostrils...and a dramatic "fire breath" effect to finish! If you're feeling more than just decorative, the platform the dragon stands on is perfect for your choice of shops and facilities. Who can say no to a dragon-guarded toilet, huh? ;)

I spent quite a bit of time on this so hope you enjoy! Be warned though, for the beast is controlled, but not tamed...



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He reminds me a little of Darkwing Duck 🤭
He does look a little bit like a duck with gigantic teeth :ROFLMAO: That's the beauty of it though as I deliberately avoided realism, because the idea is that this was actually constructed out of scrap metal, spare parts etc.

Ah well, Steampunk Quackon at your service. ;)

Thanks for the feedback everyone! :D Wasn't expecting this to resurface :p
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