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This isn't an easy task getting there, but it is definitely worth it. A must visit for Polish commanders :)

Lich, also named PSR B1257+12 or PSR J1300+1240 is a pulsar located 2300 light years from the Sun. It is historically significant as the location for the first extra-solar planets ever discovered. Lich was discovered by the Polish astronomer Aleksander Wolszczan on 9 February 1990 using the Arecibo radio telescope. It is a millisecond pulsar with a rotation period of 6.22 milliseconds (9,650 rpm), and was found to have anomalies in the pulsation period, which led to investigations as to the cause of the irregular pulses. In 1992 Wolszczan and Dale Frail published a famous paper on the first confirmed discovery of planets outside our solar system. Using refined methods one more planet was found orbiting this pulsar in 1994.

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