Stellar Screenshots

That pilot is either ridiculously tall, or the scale outside our ships is off by a lot
He's Raxxlan, with deadly psychic powers and he heard you.

Isn't it amazing how clear the stars are when 2 Anacondas, 1 python, 3 federal gunships and lord knows how many small ships blow out the windows. They all went KABOOM!
(yes I had security service ships assisting)
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He was Michigan Henry Ford's cousin wasn't he?
I'm pretty sure they weren't related, it would have been mentioned.
Plus Henry 1863 - 1947
Tennessee Earnie Ford 1919-1991
They were a few generations apart.
There maybe some relation there like a great great uncle, MAYBE GREAT GREAT grandfather, but I doubt it. But in my opinion, anything past great uncle doesn't amount to much except a fine line on the family tree.
I had a great great uncle. Met him once. In short, great great uncles maybe kin, but don't ask me if I can use my truck to help you move.
Now great and great great grandfather's, that holds more importance to me.
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