Stellar Screenshots

PS: Mr. Braben and his escort wing of Community Managers gave me the beating of my life and I limped away in my Corvette, bruised, battered and humiliated with 30% hull left. I only barely made it past his shields. Mr. Braben certainly knows his game.
If you kill Mr. Braben, you kill his game.

And that he can't tolerate. :D

I call this series "Weekend at Bernie's" (after the 1989 cult comedy classic).

Here's me and Bernie chilling at Ferguson Prospect.

Here's one of Bernie about to board his ship.

And this is Bernie larking around in his garage.

Ahhh Bernie, such a character!
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A few minutes ago I was waiting for a medium pad to be vacated at an outpost, and noticed a couple of tiny objects which were spinning around, off to one side of the pad.

So I sent the external camera in for a closer look...

The round thing at the left and the bar at the bottom-right were the two spinning things. Radar array? Comms array?

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