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SYSTEM: Hypou Aip QN-A d1-4
Description: 18,000km wide landable icy body with heavy out-gassing effect (2.04g - 388K surface temp). At the center of a massive crater featuring some seriously rugged terrain (coordinates: -29.2846 , 94.6778).

Hypou Aip QN-A d1-4 Mar_04_2020_05_41-3.jpg

Hypou Aip QN-A d1-4 Mar_04_2020_05_43-2.jpgHypou Aip QN-A d1-4 Mar_04_2020_05_38-1-1.jpgHypou Aip QN-A d1-4 Mar_04_2020_05_36-1.jpgHypou Aip QN-A d1-4 Mar_04_2020_05_44-2-1.jpgHypou Aip QN-A d1-4 Mar_04_2020_05_44-1-1.jpg
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